Tomography old and new: comparison of 3D reconstruction techniques for fossil plants

Type Presentation Event IPC XIII / IOPC IX (Tokyo, Japan) Authors Wickens ZJ, Spencer ART, Hilton J, Sutton MD Notes Presenting work completed by Zoe J. Wickens based on her 2011 MPhil from Imperial College London. Date 2012 Abstract Seed plants appear in the fossil record during the Upper Devonian, but in many subsequent floral assemblages they are […]

A novel Carboniferous ovule elucidated through a combined methodology for three-dimensional reconstruction

Type Presentation Event PalAss Annual Meeting Authors Spencer ART, Hilton J, Suttton MD Date 2011 Abstract Plants fossilised within siderite nodules (FeCO3) are often three-dimensionally preserved – such as those from the Mazon Creek Carboniferous terrestrial lagerstätte. Fossils preserved in this way have historically been studied using single-surface observation or destructive  investigative methods such as […]