Exploring the potential of neutron imaging for life sciences on IMAT

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: Journal of Microscopy Year: October 15 2018 Authors: BURCA, G. , NAGELLA, S. , CLARK, T. , TASEV, D. , RAHMAN, I. , GARWOOD, R., SPENCER, A.R.T , TURNER, M. and KELLEHER, J. DOI Abstract: Neutron imaging has been employed in life sciences in recent years and has […]

New insights into the evolutionary history of Fungi from a 407 million year old Blastocladiomycota-like fossil showing a complex hyphal thallus

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Science Year: December 18 2017. Volume published 5 February 2018. Authors: Christine Strullu-Derrien, Alan R. T. Spencer, Tomasz Goral, Jaclyn Dee, Rosmarie Honegger, Paul Kenrick, Joyce E. Longcore, Mary L. Berbee DOI Abstract: Zoosporic fungi are key saprotrophs and parasites of […]

New insights into Mesozoic cycad evolution: an exploration of anatomically preserved Cycadaceae seeds from the Jurassic Oxford Clay biota

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: PeerJ Year: August 28 2017 Authors: Alan R.T. Spencer​, Russell J. Garwood, Andrew R. Rees, Robert J. Raine, Gar W. Rothwell, Neville T.J. Hollingworth, Jason Hilton DOI Abstract: Most knowledge concerning Mesozoic Era floras has come from compression fossils. This has been augmented in the last 20 years […]

Anatomically preserved “strobili” and leaves from the Permian of China (Dorsalistachyaceae, fam. nov.) broaden knowledge of Noeggerathiales and constrain their possible taxonomic affinities

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: American Journal of Botany Year: January 6 2017 Authors: Wang S-J, Bateman RM, Spencer ART, Shao L, Wang J, Hilton J DOI Abstract: PREMISE OF THE STUDY: Noeggerathiales are an extinct group of heterosporous shrubs and trees that were widespread and diverse during the Pennsylvanian–Permian Epochs (323–252 Ma) […]

Almost a spider: a 305-million-year-old fossil arachnid and spider origins

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences Year: March 30 2016 Authors: Garwood RJ, Dunlop JA, Selden PA, Spencer ART, Atwood RC, Vo NT, Drakopoulous M DOI Abstract: Spiders are an important animal group, with a long history. Details of their origins remain limited, with little […]

Middle Jurassic evidence for the origin of Cupressaceae: A paleobotanical context for the roles of regulatory genetics and development in the evolution of conifer seed cones

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: American Journal of Botany Year: June 1, 2015 Authors: Spencer ART, Mapes G, Bateman RM, Hilton J, Rothwell GW DOI Abstract: Premise of the study: Triassic and Jurassic fossils record structural changes in conifer seed cones through time, provide the earliest evidence for crown-group conifer clades, and further clarify sister-group […]

X-ray Synchrotron Microtomography of a silicified Jurassic Cheirolepidiaceae (Conifer) cone: histology and morphology of Pararaucaria collinsonae sp. nov.

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: PeerJ Year: October 23, 2014 Authors: Steart DC, Spencer ART, Garwood RJ, Hilton J, Munt MC, Needham J, Kenrick P DOI Abstract: We document a new species of ovulate cone (Pararaucaria collinsonae) on the basis of silicified fossils from the Late Jurassic Purbeck Limestone Group of southern England (Tithonian […]

Is amber altered by microCT or confocal microscopy studies? A risk assessment using optical microscopy, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: Studies in Conservation Year: Submitted Authors: Bertini M, Ball AD, Mellish C, Burgio L, Shah B, Pretzel B, Blagoderov V, Goral T, Sykes D, Summerfield R, Steart DC, Garwood RJ, Spencer ART, Ross A, Penney D. DOI Awaiting DOI Abstract: Awaiting Acceptance

Species of the medullosan ovule Stephanospermum from the Lopingian (late Permian) floras of China

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences Year: 2013 Authors: Spencer ART, Wang S-J, Dunn MT, Hilton J. DOI 10.1016/j.jseaes.2013.07.030 Abstract: The medullosan pteridosperm ovule Stephanospermum Brongniartis a well-known component of Carboniferous aged coal-ball and siderite nodule floras from North America and Europe but also occurs in the Permian floras of Cathaysia […]