Species of the medullosan ovule Stephanospermum from the Lopingian (late Permian) floras of China

Type: Peer Reviewed Research Paper Journal: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences Year: 2013 Authors: Spencer ART, Wang S-J, Dunn MT, Hilton J. DOI 10.1016/j.jseaes.2013.07.030 Abstract: The medullosan pteridosperm ovule Stephanospermum Brongniartis a well-known component of Carboniferous aged coal-ball and siderite nodule floras from North America and Europe but also occurs in the Permian floras of Cathaysia […]

3D X-Ray Microtomography reconstructions: an important preliminary tool for palaeobotanists

Type: Poster Event: IPC3 Year: 2010 Authors: Spencer ART, Sutton MD Abstract: Over the last decade Micro-CT or X-ray Micro Tomography (XMT), has become increasingly available as an investigative tool. Development of scanning technology has been matched by a rise in computational power and advances in software, reducing the financial and time costs associated with […]