REvoSim v2.0.0 released

REvoSim is an evolutionary model that aims to bridge the epistemological gap between micro- and macroevolution by providing an organism-level simulation of sufficient computational efficiency that population sizes of 105-106 individuals can be studied over geological timescales. The model also incorporates concepts of spatial relationships, spatial and temporal environmental variation, and recombinant reproduction. Isolation of gene-pools (i.e. speciation) is not enforced, but emerges naturally from simulations under appropriate conditions. We intend REvoSim as a multipurpose platform for the study of many evolutionary phenomena; while it was designed with macroevolutionary studies in mind, it is also applicable to microevolutionary problems.

Packed along with REvoSim is EnviroGen. An environment generator for the REvoSim software, which allows highly customised image stacks to be created using a number of different algorithms.

The software to fully described here:

Garwood, R.J., Spencer A.R.T. and Sutton, M.D., 2019. REvoSim: Organism-level simulation of macro- and microevolution. Palaeontology.

Online documentation here:


REvoSim and EnviroGen can be downloaded from GitHub:

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