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SPIERS v3.0.0-rc.2 released

SPIERS (Serial Palaeontological Image Editing and Rendering System) is a package of three programs for the reconstruction and analysis of tomographic (serial image) datasets, such as those obtained from serial-grinding of specimens, or from CT scanning. More details are available in the documentation for each program.


Change log:

The following has been changed since the last release.


  • Bug fixes and code tidying.


  • Minor display change to the Output settings tab, to allow for better alignment on all screen resolutions.
  • Bug fixes and code tidying.


  • Allowed screen capture to save in any locally-supported image format.
  • Has an upgraded Scale Grid. With the following new features: 1) has all setting saved in the SPV files); 2) allows the minor grid lines to be turned on/off; allows minor grid line values to be turned on/off; 3) allowed the value font size to be altered; has a Scale Grid reset option; 4) will cope with scales between ~999m to 0.00001 um; 5) will change units accordingly at set break points; 6) major grid lines and values are now in bold compared to minor lines/values.
  • … and several more minor bug fixes and code tidying.

SPIERSversion (utility):

  • Small utility now packaged with SPIERS to show the current internal version number of .spv, .sp2, .vaxml files. This is to aid identification of older SPIERSedit/view written files for testing compatibility of newer SPIERS versions.

SPIERS common files (used by all programs):

  • Moved SPIERS program theme/styling to common files, along with the resource files.
  • Moved common logos to this location.
  • Palaeoware logo has been updated.

Online documentation here:


SPIERS can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/palaeoware/spiers/releases